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Version vom 30. Oktober 2008, 01:27 Uhr

Bauernmadl: "Country Girl" (Mixer)


Pairs in circle facing ballroom direction cross hands hold, right over left in breast height.


Walking steps, spinning the girl

Bars 1-3: Beginning with outside feet, six steps in ballroom direction

Bar 4: On 1st beat seventh step forward, which is stamped by the boy. On 2nd beat both partners turn half a revolution inward on the weighted outside feet without releasing their hands, now looking against ballroom direction

Bars 5 – 8: Beginning with new outside feet, same as 1 – 4, turning into ballroom direction on last beat.

Bars 9 –10: Same as 1-4, but only three steps

Bars 11-12: Same back as 5 –8, but only 3 steps turning to each other on last beat releasing left hands.

Bars 13-14: While boy, slightly turned towards partner, dance-walks forward with four small steps, girl turns twice cw. under his lifted right arm with four steps.

Bar 15: The dancer stops (back turned to centre of circle, weight on left leg), releases right hands and gives the girl an impulse to walk forward. As she walks forward he claps hands twice on 1st and 2nd beat of bar 15.

Bar 16: On 1st beat of bar 16 he stamps once with right foot, and offers hands to the new partner coming up from behind at the same time, turning into ballroom direction, so that both are in starting position by the end of the bar. At the same time (15+16) the girl has done four steps forward to get to a new partner.

From the beginning with new partner.

This is repeated until the music stops playing


Although the turns at the end of bars 4, 8, 10 and 12 are a quick movement on the 2nd beat, they should be done in an elegant way without undue pulling. Before the change of direction the last step always is stamped with the outside foot by the boy.

This dance was noted in the border area of the Tyrol and Salzburg by Ilka Peter in 1952.


  • Lager, Herbert: Österreichische Tänze II
  • Peter, Ilka: Volkstanzmappe

Translated by: Sissy Banner, Amstetten, NÖ, Austria