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This is a collection of questions and answers that users had on Dancilla by using the features.

Registration & Login

I cannot register. What can I do? =

Please fill out the contact form, describe what happened, submit it and an administrator will get back to you.

Social Network

How can I use the social networking functionality on Dancilla? =

The documentation for all the features for the Dancilla social network can be found here: User guide

My Blogs

How can I use My Blogs? =

My Blog on Dancilla allows members to blog and share their thoughts, as well as post links or embed videos. Here are two documents explaining how to use My Blogs:

How do I embed videos in My Blog? =

If you want to embed a video from a video-platform in your blog, then simply follow the instructions from the following article: Azrul Video Mambot

Troubleshooting for My Blog =

Here is a link to common problems with My Blogs and the solutions: Troubleshooting


Some or many texts are not in my language available. Why is that? =

We are working on translating as much as possible. This is done with the help of the members on this website. So please take our apologies, when there is a mix of languages on the site. If you want to help with translations, then there are two areas to help:

  • Look up the translation requests in the translation forums
  • Become an administrator and help us translate other texts on the administration console. For more informtaion about this please fill out the contact form


You have a question that is not covered here? =

Then please fill out the contact form and an administrator will get back to you.