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Jägermarsch (Hunter’s March), Mixer


Pairs in circle facing ballroom direction, arms linked or joined, unlimited number


Walking steps and waltz


32 bars tune in 4/4 time, 32 bars waltz in 3/4 time


Bar 1-16: Promenade in Circle Bar 16: Hands are dropped, men slightly bow for a farewell, girls turn round

Bar 17-32: Single Promenade

Men continue promenade in ballroom direction and clap hands on 1st and 3rd beat; girls go in contrary direction. From the 4th bar onward it is also allowed that some of the dancers double the claps ( that means that they clap on the 2nd and 4th beat).

Bar 32: All stop and take ballroom hold with nearest partner Those who have not found a partner should meet in the centre.

Bar 33-64: Waltz

The new partners waltz round room.

As the waltz melody comes to an end, the couples should form a circle again.

This is repeated until the music stops playing.


Anyone who is left in the centre or, for that matter, anyone who wants to join in during the dance, should slip into the single promenade. A chain reaction can be the result.

The Jägermarsch was noted in Lower Austria, but is known all over Europe under different names like “Sautanz” in the county Salzburg, March-Waltz in Northern Germany or “Paul Jones” in England.



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