La Russe Quadrille

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Dies ist ein Ceilidh Dance, ein englischer Gruppentanz.

English description


Honour partners. Honour corners.

A1 All pass partners (gentlemen pass behind partners to meet ladies on right who advance to meet them with four balance steps).

Balance and swing corners (set to right and left and pivot-swing with ballroom hold).

A2 Pass back; balance and swing partners.

B1 Leading couple swing.

B2 Promenade inside the ring (balance step moving slowly round counter-clockwise vísiting the other three couples).

A3 Leading couple cross over with opposite couple (passing between them, partners change places) and cross back (as before) (balance step. The opposite couple can make an arch for the leading couple).

A4 Repeat cross over and cross back.

B3 All join hands and circle left (reel or flat hop-step).

B4 Promenade partners back to places (counter-clockwise with reel or flat hop step).

This Figure is performed four times, B.1 and B.2 being done by each couple in turn acting as leading couple.


The dance is normally done to a 32bar Reel, with the 8 bar A music and B music repeated once each.



Getanzt beim Leopolditanz 2017 in Klosterneuburg mit den Hammersmith Morris Men.