Salida (basic)

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From straight frontal position


Steps Man Woman Position / Leading
Salida 1 right foot "small" step back left foot "small" step fwd Basic position / man moves body back/straight pressure on woman’s back
Salida 2 left foot one step aside left VIA beside right foot right foot one step aside right

(smaller distance than man) VIA beside left foot || man moves body left / small pressure on woman’s left "side"

Salida 3 right foot one step fwd outside woman’s left VIA beside left foot left foot one step back VIA beside right foot man moves forward / release pressure on woman’s back
Salida 4 left foot one “smaller” step forward (slight adjustment to right) right foot one step back to position in front of man’s feet (adjustment to right) man moves forward / release pressure on woman’s back
Salida 5 right foot to side of left foot left foot cross in front of right, weight on left foot man moves forward / slight pressure straight/slight left on woman’s back to stop her movement and to give woman balance, Basic position crossed
Salida 6 left foot fwd with slight left, turn between woman’s feet, place foot slightly to the left / back of womans left foot right foot back to the right man moves body forward with slight pressure counterclockwise of Haxis
Salida 7 right foot one step to the side of left foot VIA side of left foot - the Haxis turn makes this step obliquely forward left foot one step to the side of right foot VIA side of right foot rotation of Haxis 45 degrees counterclock wise about when feet are side by side
Salida 8 Schritt nach rechts, dabei hinter rechtem Fuss kreuzen anheben (leicht nach hinten)

The last 3 steps are one of the options after Salida 5. The angles are varied. The final Basic position could very well be parallell with the initial, which makes this a straight forward movement to follow the flow of dance. It could even mean a slight clockwise rotation if the man leads that way.