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Seven Steps (Siebenschritt)


Pairs in circle facing ballroom direction

Boy´s right hand holds girl´s left hand in about breast height


Running steps, sort of side steps, round-dance


Bar 1–2: Beginning with outside feet, seven small running steps forward

Bar 3–4: Beginning with inside feet, seven small running steps backwards

Bar 5: Partners let go of hands; beginning with outside feet they move diagonally three steps away from each other (a bit like side steps)

Bar 6: Beginning with inside feet, partners dance with three steps towards each other and take peasant hold (round-dance hold, which is a sort of ballroom hold, where as the partners hold each other with both arms in shoulder height, girl´s arms above boy´s arms)

Bar 7-8: Dance around with four steps doing two turns

Bar 9–12: Repeat 5–8.

Then the dance starts again from the beginning. This repeated until the music stops playing


The running steps should be done in a smooth way, almost gliding over the floor and not be done with any hops.


  • Herbert Lager, Österreichische Tänze, 2.Teil, Nr.4
  • Translated by: Sissy Banner, Amstetten, NÖ, Austria


To this dance there exists also a German nursery rhyme:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, sieben, eine alte Frau kocht Rüben  
(this line is senseless, just to rhyme with “sieben”)
Einmal hin, einmal her - rundherum das ist nicht schwer !

Free translation:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, seven, something rhymes with heaven,
one time here, one time there, roundabout that is not difficult

Free interpretation by Steve Banner:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, all good dancers go to heaven,
Sepa-rate, back together – round we go, but not forever!

Children Dance

This dance is easily done with children from age 4, but then it is recommended to take elbows-hold for the round-dance instead of peasant hold and do running steps.



Tanzkurs der Union Wien

Tanzkurs der Garde Bad Ischl 2.11.2007
Tanzmeister: Fritz Schodterer, Wolfgang Wallner
Harmonikaspieler: Fritz Hillbrand vulgo Toifl-Fritz (Goiserer Viergesang)
Private Aufnahme Andreas Podlaha und Barbara Konrad

Volkstanzseminar des Trachtenverband Steiermark 2013

Siebenschritt auf dem Einrad, Volkstanz in etwas anderer Art beim Volkstanzfest Leopolditanz 2016 durch die Sportunion St.Andrä-Wördern, mit Gerhard und Simone Fuchs.

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