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  • [[Dancilla/de|Deutsch]]<br> [[Dancilla/en|English]]<br>
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  • This is a collection of questions and answers that users had on Dancilla by using the features. On Dancilla are two places where you need to register to fully participate:
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  • …rent approaches and sensibilities about what's appropriate and what's not. Dancilla is a global platform for the topic dance and may include content that is no …pt giving some guidelines of how we define what content is appropriate for Dancilla. These guidelines will change over time and with the input of our members.
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  • Das vorliegende ist eine Sammlung an Fragen und Antworten, die Benutzer auf Dancilla hatten. …werden. Das kann einige Stunden oder Tage dauern. Bis dahin können sie in Dancilla alles lesen, aber nichts bearbeiten.
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  • a good command of the two step polka. It helps with the latter, when the partners * [ Here] is a MP3 from Dancilla.
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  • …Germans, mainly Saxons, in the 12th century. Originally a part of Hungary, it became Austrian in 1691. In that time Austrian protestants emigrated to Sie … Here] is a MP3-Datei from Dancilla.
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  • …where they had lunch. In Bohemia it was known under both names. From there it somehow got to the USA and has later returned to Europe. … Here] is a MP3-Datei from Dancilla.
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