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Der Lustige (Good Fun)


pairs facing ballroom direction, inner hands joined, arms hanging


balance hop steps and waltz steps


Bar 1: On 1st beat both partners step forward with outside feet; on 2nd beat they sway inner legs (knees slightly bent) across and slightly hop with standing leg. At the same time joined hands sway forward, so that partners turn away from each other a little.

Bar 2: Same starting with inside feet; joined arms sway backward and partners turn to each other.

Bar 3 - 4: As 1 - 2

Bar 5 – 8: waltzing round (two revolutions with four waltz steps)

This is repeated until the music stops playing


Depending on his temperament, the dancer might even jump instead of hop, also stamping on the first step. On the other hand, he can leave out the light hop altogether if wished.

This is a more lively variation of the Schwedischer (Swabian), noted in 1932 in Upper Austria by Hermann Jülg.


  • Herbert Lager, Österr.Tänze, 2.Teil, Nr.16
  • Translated by Sissy Banner, Amstetten/NÖ., Austria

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