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Starting Position

Boy and girl stand opposite, boy with his back to the middle of the dancing-circle. Zweihandfassung, arms slightly stretched.


Part I

Measure 1: Both make a step sidewards in dancing-direction, followed by a Kreuztupfschritt with two light touches diagonally in front of the other foot.

Measure 2: The same in the other dancing-direction.

Measure 3-4: With a quickly chosen Hüftstütz or taking the slightly ankled arms in height of the breast both rotate two times aorund their axis with strongly moving forwards in dancing-direction with 6 steps, the boy left, the girl right. With the third fourth of the fourth measure a gewöhnliche Rundtanzfassung is chosen, followed by

Measure 5-6: 2 Mazurka-measures.

Execution of Mazurkataktes: gewöhnliche Rundtanzfassung, looking in dancing-direction, arms stretched forward.
Boy and girl jump with forward bended body with their outer feet, boy with left, girl with right foot, forward. In the 2nd and 3nd part of the measure both jump two-times with upright body on their inner feet, moving slightly forward.

Measure 7-8: with Rundtanzhaltung two Dreherschritte around the axis of the pair, arms slightly stretched.

Boy: left right left - right left right, girl opposite
1 2 3 - 4 5 6

Measure 9-16: Repeating of measures 1-8

Part II

Measure 1-2: 2 Mazurkatakte (like measures 5-6).

Measure 3-4: Two Dreherschritte rotating left (like measures 7-8).

Measure 5: opening the Rundtanzhaltung, hands left in right. The boy leads the girl with a slight spin to the middle of the circle (Attention: One Dreierschritt straight to the middle !); (boy Dreierschritt on his place).

Measure 6: After a fast left rotation the boy leads the girl again with a Dreierschritt in front of him to the outer side (boy makes one Dreierschritt on his place)

Measure 7-8: The boy rotates the girl under his left arm two-times clockwise in front of him (boy makes two Dreierschritte on his place).

Measure 9-16: Repeating of measures 1-8.

Repeating the dances as often as wished


This dance was written down in 1930 by Erna Schützenberger in Salzweg (Bavaria).

1. This description is much more detailed than the description in the dancing-book "Spinnradl - Unser Tanzbuch", also with correction of two mistakes: (1) measure 7-8 = 6 steps ! (2) measures 1-8: (II Part) are repeated.

2. The dances from the Mühlviertel and the bavarian area have many similarities; Bayrischer Wald , Mühlviertel and Waldviertel form together with the Böhmerwald a typical dancing-landscape.


  • Volkstanzmappe, Hermann Derschmidt

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