Streets of Laredo

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Streets of Laredo, Waltz


Square set of four couples. Waltz step throughout.



All to the centre and back to your places
Ladies give right hand and star on your own
Back with the left hand and turn to your corner
Left allemande and then right to your own


Right to your own and then left to the next one
And grand right and left just go half the way round
Waltz your true lover, you waltz home together
Back to your home in Laredo’s fair town


The first (2nd etc.) couple waltz down the streets of Laredo
Divide down the sides and you couple up three
Up to the centre and back to your places
Left allemande on the corner lady.


chorus, then call figure and chorus for 2nd, 3rd and 4th couples. End with introduction and chorus if desired.


Leading couple waltz across the set, through opposite couple, and separate. The girl to stand between the couple originally on her right , the man between the couple originally on his left. Lines of three advance and, the leading couple turning man left and girl right, couples retire to places. All face corners, allemande left and straight into the chorus.


  • Sissy und Steve Banner, Amstetten, NÖ.